mercredi, avril 04, 2007

The film about Jean-Jacques Perrey leads me to many interesting directions, such as Michel Gondry's grand father Constant Martin, inventor of the electronic bells, the electronic church organ and the Clavioline. The Clavioline was a french synthesizer created in the late 40's, like Georges Jenny's Ondioline. Michel Gondry will talk about his electronic gran-pa in the film, which is a very good news. It's strange that Constant Martin had his atelier in Versailles, capital of the 90's french touch. I always believed that a certain place hosts a certain spirit. In Versailles, there is an electronic dinosaur walking in a fantomatic way, grazing the pelouses of the Château de Versailles. Maybe it comes from the otaku spirit of Louis XVI, the man who preferred the joys of locks than the ones of sex, as Sofia Coppola shows us in her gorgious movie Marie Antoinette.