jeudi, avril 05, 2007


Christian Marclay, Cité de la musique: his video GUITAR DRAG should be played to every rock band. After watching it, they'd be able to choose the electric guitar instead of just taking it because it was there, or because they loved this guitarist/singer with blond hair. You never choose the electric guitar as an instrument, because this is an attitude-instrument. This is why the electric guitar gave birth to a lot of fashion. Christian Marclay is killing the attitude (for purifying the instrument?) by dragging the Fender with a car in the forest, in the dust, on the Texas roads, while it's being plugged and amplified and screams endlessly. The guitar is like a Christ in this film. After such a treatment/trauma, it can live again.

Cité de la musique has a musée de la musique. I saw a lot of clavecins, pianos, épinettes, luths, guitares, brass and ethnic instruments. I didn't see electronic instruments. No Musical Telegraph (1876), no Theremin (1917), no Ondes Martenot (1928), no Trautonium (1930), no Ondioline (1938), no Clavioline (1948), no Moog (1965)... We already are in the next step, the electronic instruments being dematerialized. In such a modern building, how is it possible to not have one floor devoted to this extraordinary history? Electronic instruments have the right to enter the museum, they are our past.