lundi, mars 26, 2007


Visiting the Musée de l'Art brut in Lausanne is an experience. The word art has a different meaning after such a visit: as Dubuffet says in a TSR interview, non cultural art is art while cultural art is only a small / emerged part of the iceberg. The problem with this iceberg metaphor is that we know that we won't have icebergs in the future; but I'm sure that the metaphor won't disappear while the icebergs will. The emerged part of the iceberg is still available in your soda. I bought an amazing DVD about Richard Greaves houses in Canada. Did I buy this DVD in Canada or does the phrase say that Greaves's houses are in Canada? Musée de l'art brut: the museum that summerizes modern art museums with artists who never heard of museums nor art.