mardi, mars 13, 2007

winston hotel

A nice walk from RER La Varenne Chennevières (Saint Maur des Fossés) to the metro Chateau de Vincennes, a big S along the river Marne: Saint Maur des Fossés, Champigny sur marne, Joinville, Nogent sur Marne, Bois de Vincennes. Except that I didn't measure the walk: 5 hours and probably, 12 to 15 kilometers.

saint maur des fosséschampgny

I love walking and couldn't understand the bicycle frenzy around us during this sunday walk. It was just too much. Everywhere in the world, while going outside, people seem to all need the same and stupid gadgets (such as rollers, skate, mountain bike, ski, snowboard, surf) to prove that they still dominate the nature while enjoying it. We don't need a knife for eating a banana.

ma marne