vendredi, mars 16, 2007

Our future president, was delivered transgenic corn this morning, in front of his campaign building. Very close to my house so I went there tonight to take a picture but the corn had already disappeared. I love the greenpeace video because it's the first time in the film history that you have a battle in transgenic corn. I love you, young heroes. The building is 18 rue d'Enghien, near Strasbourg Saint Denis. It's a very mixed population in these streets: Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Africa, Turkey, Maghreb and many other countries. It's close to the famous Passage Brady; an excellent area near the lovely rue du faubourg Saint Denis. Next to the UMP building, there's a kurd association lounge in which I saw a man playing billard. It's strange for a candidate who wants to create a "ministery of immigration and national identity" to go there: it sounds like a provocation. This country doesn't need such a foolish ministery, which sounds like the tristement célèbre "Commissariat général aux questions juives". We only need to let the people live the way they want to live. If the kurd man doesn't speak a french word but enjoys his billiard game with his friends, he's giving a positive energy to this country; and that is all what this old country needs.