lundi, février 05, 2007

"Without cheese, there wouldn't be an Inland Empire". David Lynch's reasoning was simple: "I ate a lot of cheese during the making of 'Inland Empire"... Yes, this is what David Lynch says... and this is what he probably hides: Inland Empire, near Spokane (Washington State) has a lot of dairies. These dairies are disappearing, being sold to real estate developpers. Once, David Lynch was a kid in Spokane, so maybe there is more than a private joke. Without milk, there won't be any film industry because there won't be the people to make films.

"Travels with a cow" with David Lynch was shot in LA. It makes me think of "Travels With A Donkey" by Stevenson (also the title of a nice record by Milky (Momus & ex-wife Shazna)). The defense of animals by a director reminds me of my own movie "Maybee" (a movie response to the great teen musician Tape Store), featuring Peter Fonda and his deep concern for the bees. Peter Fonda used to bee a bee keeper while Lynch never was a cowboy. I hear the word 'mad cow' at the end but I might be wrong.