jeudi, février 01, 2007


Some people wonder why Toog is not going on stage for so long; there are 7 good reasons to not be on stage on this photo:

1. Some young girls see apparitions on my left;
2. Some boys think about the money they spent to enter the venue;
3. Patients escaped from asylums sometimes show up;
4-5-6. I'm very sensible to mockery.
7. Martians with red eyes do paralyse me while I'm singing.


Here is the list of songs that I would like to figure on my next album: Goto. Goto is a collection of 12 songs + one hour filmed diary. I haven't calculated the average tempo of the album yet, it must be around 83.7 BPM, which is under the slowest legal BPM speed (SLBS). You can listen to "I love you" on myspace, a song on which John Talaga (Fashion Flesh) put his magic input (I can't remember where I sampled the voices in that song).

Alabama Gay
My House
La chambre noire
Traffic jam
Are visages electric?
Je suis pour
Où va la vie?
I love you
This land is your land

What else: I love this song.