jeudi, février 15, 2007

I put 2 new demos on myspace. Demo 2 is a three times track, with piano and trumpet. Demo 3 will become a song called Olaz: an astronaut is reaching a planet made of oil, and describes it to the base on earth. He will get trapped there because all the spaceship knobs become so oily. Of course all plants there, fruits and vegetables are tempura-ed and the animals are fried. I'm proud of the very last section of the song, when the whistling & sounds of the Olaz fauna (sampled from my friend Etienne Jaumet, from the duo band Zombie Zombie) join the music.

Also, Stéphane Bérard, a friend artist who's a youtube connaisseur, sent me this video about leisure in Saudi Arabia. I like it when you see the people from inside the car, wearing the traditionnal keffiyeh and drifting.