lundi, février 12, 2007


Art is back at Palais de Tokyo, the IKEA feeling vanished thanks to the new curator: the installation by Tatiana Trouvé is extraordinary + Michel Blazy works about natural rot process + "Music for plants" which is really cool when you're lucky to have live music + the exhibition about micro-nations, funny and exhaustive + one room with Joe Coleman's paintings which are something that everyone needs to watch once in a life (Coleman played the role of an erotomaniac producer in Asia Argento's film Scarlet Diva; a beautiful text of hers opens Coleman's monography) + different project rooms for young artists.

Many galleries @ rue Louise Weiss (13th arrondissement) have changed: gallery Perrotin moved to the Marais, gallery Jennifer Flay closed (she's now directing the FIAC), the book store closed, new galleries opened... There's still my favorite gallery in the area: Art:Concept, a gallery born in Nice. My favorite art piece in their actual group exhibition is the one by Sue Tompkins: unfolded sheets of paper that keep delicate lines of folding, with only a few typed words on it. They seem to love paper and cardboard in this gallery; me too.