lundi, janvier 22, 2007


The last night I dreamed that I was jew. The rabbi said to me that I was reaching the age of Bar Mitsvah, which is the ceremony celebrating the majority for the young jew (around 13 for boys). The boy acknowledges that he is a son (Bar) of the commandment, or good action (Mitsva). It's a very strange dream. I really feel like I'm jew since I'm believing in the same God that the one who inspired Abram, before becoming Abraham. This God said to Abram: Goto, without saying where to go. Haha, it sounds like a Toog anagram. True muslims should also feel jew since Mahomet, who's an immense prophet for that reason, acknowledged that the jews's God wasn't the jews property but a mankind possibility... Reaching the age of majority as a jew heir: what does it mean as a man, as a Toog?