vendredi, janvier 19, 2007

It's nice to be able to watch LICK MY STAR by Sofia Coppola on her myspace space. It's her first short film (1998) and it's great. Sofia Coppola had her first child with Thomas Mars, the singer of the french band Phoenix in the last november. Thomas proposed Sofia to live in the Chateau de Versailles, not far from his parents home. But Sofia said that the boring atmosphere of Versailles could make a musician of Romy in the future; and the world has enough Versailles music with Daft Punk, Air, Phoenix and TTC... Even the grand father of Michel Gondry, an other versaillais (Gondry was the drummer of Etienne Charry's band 'Oui Oui') was into music: he created one of the first synthesizer in the 40's, the CLAVIOLINE. On this video you see Gondry following his grand father's steps.