vendredi, janvier 12, 2007


En Marge is a lovely place which is a gallery, a book shop, a record store, an alternative art space, a venue for small events, all in about 40 square meters in the Oberkampf area, not far from Bastille. It's open for about 11 months. The owner (his first name a Jean-Pierre like the street where he works, which sounds very old for a young man) proposed me to play a show there. It's tempting but right now I have no show; for the Goto album maybe, let's say in the summer 7002. Click their agenda and you'll be surprised to read the name of a famous american duet who play a gig there the next week... In the same street you still have an other alternative space called Nuit d'Encre. The gallery Nuit d'Encre is being run by Sébastien Gindre, a good friend who wants to make Dyonisos and the Dandies join together. Will he succeed?

The bird Cagesan is having his debut album being sold at Colette, the most selective shop of the select shops. Cagesan and Karl Lagerfeld's album on the same shelf. The first reviews are here and here