jeudi, janvier 04, 2007

Diego Gravinese is a magic photographer from Buenos Aires. If you're not sure about the meaning of this old word, full of wrinkles, check his pics! He's one of the best photographer I have seen, and of course he's from Argentina! Diego is also a painter... What better illustration for my previous Lolita post than his images?

... Yesterday in the metro there were 2 girls, post Lolita girls, but not far from. I was holding the bar at its top, since I'm tall. The first Lolita said:

Lolita 1: Oh, it's soo (malsain) nasty.
Gilles: ... What's nasty? Are you talking about the germs on the bar?
Lolita 1: No, it's like a pole (and she starts to turn around it).
Gilles: Ah...Hum hum... Do you know how to make pole dancing?
Lolita 2: Do you think I have a big head?
Lolita 1: Are you a fashion designer? No, you're a publicist... A teacher?
Gilles: I'm a teacher, an everything teacher.

Then the 2 girls vanished.... I didn't realized how nasty my answer was, when I said that. Sometimes the unconscious speaks a tongue we don't understand, even when we're awake.