dimanche, décembre 10, 2006

The year I turned 16, a few songs were more important that everything else (going to highschool, fuck unloved girlfriends, getting drunk at 10 AM with Gin...). 2 were from Gary Numan: "Are friends electric?" ("Are Visage electric?" on Toog's next album Goto) and "Down in the park" of course. Sadly, I can't understand the lyrics.

It has nothing to do with Gary, but this is also important to me: "the 79-year-old pontiff had paused during his tour of the famous mosque, standing alongside the mufti of Istanbul, facing Mecca and adopting an attitude of Muslim prayer known as "the posture of tranquillity". "It was something beautiful," said the mufti, Mustafa Cagrici. The Pope also made a conciliatory gesture to Turkey by expressing support for its membership of the EU, reversing the opposition he voiced as a senior cardinal, when he said it would be "a grave error".