samedi, décembre 30, 2006

My wishes for 2007: to have a beautiful 2007 year like the one we had in 1991. The 2007 year we had in 1976 was also good; so I really hope that this one will be the best of the serie.

Personal projects for 2007... MUSIC: Cagesan the bird's debut album on the market (I mean, not on the flea market); finishing my Goto album + Goto filmed diary, then touring again (winter 2007/2008?). Finishing the music for the play "United problems of coût de la main d'oeuvre". FILM: directing a 25 minutes short entitled "Le piano préparé" (script by me), that would involve a lot of people including the swiss artists Gerda Steiner & Jörg Lenzlinger. If we get the money with the producer we would film in the fall 2007 (Paris, Napoli, the english coast). A documentary about Jean-Jacques Perrey shot and edited by me (grant result in 6 weeks). POETRY: my first poetry book called "L'égalité des signes", a serie of 33 poems written between 1994 and 1998 under a constraint (publisher: Le Quartanier, collection Phacochères). Publication in the fall 2007.

Some people will think that I am very pretentious, to want to exist in 3 different art fields at the same time. But first I'm not sure that it will be possible (I hope so and I will work for it); second: it's been 25 years that I'm involved in music and poetry. I'm seriously thinking about cinema since my discovery of Jonas Mekas in Marseille, back in 1993. My cinema consciousness was born while watching his films ("Lost lost lost", "Walden", ...). If not now, never! I hope that you, dear reader, have a lot of projects too, and accomplish and achieve them all in 2007. We have a lot of work here before this world (or our life) ends. I want to work on transition, transition between this world and the next world or more simply, between this life and the next life. It's transitional art. What is the next world? The next life? I don't know. It could be here. I guess it's a world / a life in which the beauty has the first place. I wish you this beauty for 2007.

The youtube film features my nephew Simon (dark shirt), the 17 years old son of my elder brother Philippe. The place where they walk after the bath was a very big pool when I was a kid, much deeper. I used to bathe there when I was 5. Simon's shooting a film called "Mi fugue, mi raison" (a play on words: mi figue, mi raisin); the script is about Verlaine and Rimbaud, living in a contemporary time.