dimanche, décembre 17, 2006


A concert at Apop, Columbia (Mo). Apop is good friends with MC Cat Genius, one of the prominent figure on Cagesan's debut album 'I love machine'. His song is very cat, since it's a cat talking to the bird (I should write: insulting). The only word I could understand is: 'slut' adressed to the very pure and innocent Cagesan. The MC from MO recommends Apop, this very good record store from Columbia which is moving to Saint Louis, the hometown of. There is always a famous person born in a hometown so it's not necessary to write his or her name.

I wonder what will happen to the record stores in the future. So many already closed. Virgin, HMV, FNAC, Tower: do you see them dead in the future? No, but I see them giving up the independant fields. There must be a life again for small and selected stores after these 25 years old dinosaurs are dead (I mean, their soul, not the shop). They killed the record stores in the early 80's and now, they are all about to die like the greedy dinosaurs they are. We are not food, we are spirit. Culture is the result of a quest, so there must be a quest to get to culture. There is no quest in a 5 floors store, there are stairs. I want to see small select cultural shops again. The ones that I saw dying in my teenage years. Bimbo Towers everywhere (this is the first nestore for Cagesan).