mardi, novembre 07, 2006


We went back to our hotel at Bab al Yaman in Sanaa with a lot of qat to chew. My companion Jeannot, was a blind man who asked me to become his guide in Yemen. After a while, Jeannot started to sweat like a fountain in the desert. I asked him: do you feel something? He said NO, absolutely nothing. We went on chewing qat. Jeannot was as wet as a man who would have taken a shower with his clothes on. I was feeling the acceleration of my thoughts, which was spectacular, especially if you consider my slowness. I was becoming more intellectual, which is hard to imagine because I'm already so much inside. Then we went out, Jeannot the living swimming pool and me, the fastest slowman of Sanaa, for a chicken, sweat, and blabla dinner.

(Souvenir of Sanaa, august 1989)