jeudi, novembre 16, 2006

La valeur n'attend pas le nombre des années: when did your artistic life start? I remember to have published my first poems when I was 10. My grandmother had them published in the parish bulletin. One was about a bum. It was a very catholic poem; my grand mother was very religious, in a good sense. She was my only reader. I remember the last verses of this poem:

Et Dieu sur sa liste inscrira son nom
Car cet homme était bon.

I think that I wrote my first song at the age of 15, on our Lowrey organ. I was living with my father in a big house, he was sick (tuberculosis) and I was often alone. The organ became a close friend. I still have a BASF tape from 1982. Then there were bands: Jetboys (a few months) and Antispasmodique (one year). My home city was full of good bands; one was called Ersatz. My favorite one was called Pavillon 26, the insane pavillon in our local hospital. We also had the german/swiss border very close (20 kilometers), with an other scene, venues like Cräsh (Freiburg, GE) and Totentanz (Basel). I was scared to go to Cräsh because it was filled with drunk punks.

I decided that I would never been in a band anymore after Antispasmodique, because this stupid penis called guitar pissed me off. I was thinking: there must be other ways to express you're a man musician than a fucking guitar with a disto.