vendredi, septembre 01, 2006


Takashi Miike's movie The Great Yokai War opened the new edition of L'Etrange Festival. The public, very cinephile, very cinephage, very intellectual, some were goth, was surprised by this new opus (2005 in Japan): no trash, no sex, no horror. Strange monsters, a child who's becoming the Kirin chevalier in charge of saving the world. Where is the Miike we love? This is not the Miike we love! It was funny to see the faces after the movie. Many were disappointed. I heard a man next to me quoting all the cinematographic references. Further, a very fat and massive goth girl wearing a cowboy hat smoked a cigar. We loved the movie; my neighbour and lover even cried, when Sunekosuri died. It's hard to say what is Sunekosuri. It ressembles a cat without being a cat. It means: sune (leg) kosuru (to rub).