vendredi, septembre 29, 2006

I met the poet Julien Blaine in 1993 because he was running a délégation à la poésie at the mairie de Marseille. A poetry office devoted to the poetry life! Can you imagine such an office in the city hall where you live? Julien Blaine made it and it did work perfectly... One night, he gathered young artists and poets in his house at the Moulin de Ventabren for a BBQ and he said: make poetry projects and I will sponsor you at the mairie de Marseille. I remember that the poet Christophe Tarkos decided to create le conservatoire de la liste, an institution that would keep every new list... More terre à terre, I organised an event about the young poetry scene in Romania. I invited 4 poets in Marseille (15, 17, 18 and 28 years old). They already had a status as poets in the romanian society; the 15 years old poet was invited on TV shows. How is poetry in Romania now? I guess this status has changed; it was a residue of the communist era, in which poetry was a part of the popular culture. I remember how big the poetry shelves were in the Bucarest book stores, in july 1989... Let's go back to Julien Blaine: here is a recent performance he made in the poetry festival of Lodève (France). It's about this word, poète. You can check this video on this page.