mercredi, septembre 13, 2006

la montagne sacrée

Frederic Rossif made a lot of films about history, animals and cinema for the french TV. He became popular through his animal weekly program "La vie des animaux". He also directed feature films. One was screened at l'Etrange Festival, "Aussi loin que l'amour" (1970), a beautiful movie with a beautiful canadian actress, Francine Racette, who later married Donald Sutherland. In this film, an ornithologist is falling in love with Francine; a story about birds, love, the ocean, the cathars castels where the ornithologist wants to record a rossignol (nightingale). There is a scene in which the singer Barbara plays a beautiful song, La Solitude. It's a movie full of creativity (frame, repetition, inserts, colours, strange and surrealist atmosphere). The day after I went to see The Holy Mountain (1973) by Alejandro Jodorowsky, the craziest film I have ever seen. Jodorowsky was there to talk about his film, which is looking like new. He also released El Topo (1970) and Fando & Lis. I hope to see these movies too; there seems to be a resolution of the conflict with the rights owner Allen Klein.

I need to see these films because I need to be able to answer, when someone is asking me: when do you come from? When is more important than where. I grew up before cellphones, video games, internet and computers. I grew up in trees, bending branches to make bows, loosing shoes in mud fields, listening to the Rubettes and Plastic Bertrand, watching en cachette the naked pictures in Zoom magazine. This is my where.