mardi, août 01, 2006


When we stayed in Los Angeles, we spent two nights at the Roosevelt. Nice hotel, but I preferred the Roosevelt in 98/99 when we were travelling and promoting music with Le Grand Magistery. It was a little bit old and more authentic. Now, it's total shishi poopoo: cool, lounge, expensive. I don't like that kind of atmosphere very much. The cool needs to be poor. It's a posture against adversity, not a trend. It's a kind of heroism, not a pose. So now when you see cool people, you never know if they are hipsters or heroes. No one can serve two masters... By chance, we stayed in a room where you had this big Syd Barret watching us; he died one month later. (I'm becoming a little bit like Carl Gustav Jung in Memories, dreams, reflections..., sorry.)