mercredi, août 30, 2006

There is a spirit in Belgium which has inspired an incredibly creative poetry; a spirit full of humour noir, surrealist before surrealism (surrealism was a word invented by Guillaume Apollinaire, a moment of consciousness, not a movement). If you think of Henri Michaux, the man who wrote poems like I am Gong (in La Nuit Remue), he was born in Namur on the Meuse river; if you think of Rimbaud who was born in Charleville, on the Meuse river; if you think of Apollinaire, who spent his 19th years old summer in Stavelot; if you think of Norge, of Gwenaelle Stubbe (born in 1972), 2 poets born in Bruxelles; then you can draw a map which describes the movements of this spirit, who swallows poets soul. Oh, and my modesty forgot to say that... my own grand mother (mother side) grew up in Watreloo, near the border.