samedi, août 12, 2006


On this photo, the french artist Matthieu Barnet is showing me a very big fish. Now, he calls this carp a ready made. He found out after years of reflection, that not only manufactured objects can be called ready mades, but also every piece produced by mother nature. His book "Trouts are ready mades" is about to be released the next month; it's a 870 pages analysis in which he describes the process from fishing to art.


Here is picture of Matthieu Barnet's gallerist Errotin Le Vrai Lapin, working on his stand at the last Miami Art Fair. Errotin Le Vrai Lapin, who's renowned as a compulsive erotoman, sold Barnet's ready mades at a very honest price, around 40 OOO £ each. For this small amount of money, you also get the transparent freezer (free shipping). Art is cool!