mercredi, août 16, 2006


August 2006 is very strange; it's like the end of the summer since 3 weeks in Paris. We cancelled our sea project (to camp on the island of Cres, in the north of Croatia). We went to Issy Les Moulineaux yesterday, a south of Paris suburb. There is nothing special in Issy but the name itself: Issy sounds in french like ici = here. To live in Issy sounds like you're living in a town called Here. I live in Here. I wanted to see how it is, the nothing special in Here. In fact, there's an island called ile Saint Germain, very nice. On some part of the island the vegetation is growing freely. It's possible to go back to Paris by boat for 3 euros; but we were too late and came back with the metro (line 12 is direct from Issy to our station, Notre Dame de Lorette). Paris is such a desert in august; no cars, empty streets. No pollution at all, no stress. But the japanese restaurants rue Saint Anne are still full of people.