dimanche, juillet 02, 2006


Tideland by Terry Gilliam is a beautiful movie. It has something to do with "The Heart is deceitful above all things" by Asia Argento (a child growing amongst crazy adults), but it's taking the fairy tale direction and it also refers to Alice in Wonderland. Hollywood probably wouldn't have permitted such images like the young actress Jodelle holding her father's syringe between her teeth after the shoot. I regret that it's a 12+ movie in France, for the children the age of Jodelle won't be able to watch it on a screen.

I went to the church today and the gospel was about ... a 12 years old girl who died. Her father Jaïre comes to Jesus while she's about to die. When they get home, the family says: it's too late, she's passed away. Some are laughing at Jesus. He only takes the parents, Jean, Jacques and Pierre with him in the girl's room. Jesus calls her from death and she stands up; then he asks to keep that miracle secret.

It's a strange moment, no matter you're a believer or not, to have a man supposed to be the son of God entering a 12 years old girl's room. It's like God visiting Alice in Wonderland... Terry Gilliam says that the book called Tideland is "funny, touching and disturbing". This the best way to talk about this age and it is the narrow path I would like to follow for my art.