lundi, juillet 17, 2006


"L'Inferno" is a 1911 italian film, a blockbuster from the early years of movie industry. Some of the scenes are extraordinary, visually, like the streams of souls being watched by Dante and Virgile. This film is an ancestor of the horror film industry in Italy... I think that the huge power of the Mamma in Italia is one reason why the people created horror; it's a way to get rid of this overwhelming figure.

Stéphane Bérard, an artist and film maker I know and appreciate, just published Dante's Inferno in a new traduction, which has nothing to do with the original: it's his own version; he just borrows the name of Dante. His french publisher is Al Dante, like the spaghettis; with an A.

I lost the 69 minutes of "GOTO" this morning. It was a long work, around 100 hours. Never edit a long film on Imovie! Hopefully, I have a DVD draft and it will force me to use a better editing software; the image and the sound will be better.