jeudi, juillet 20, 2006

sales representative

Jacques, after condemning Israel and asking for peace in Liban, flew to Saoudit Arabia for selling french weapons. As you know, since the 70's, selling weapons is one of his favorite travel purpose... Selling weapons is a passe-temps comme un autre. The cynicism of the now time is to sell peace and war in the same time, in a war time. Jacques sent the prime minister Villepin in Liban, so that he could sell weapons while talking about peace without embarrassment; les affaires sont les affaires! I wonder why Jacques isn't getting retired as a sales representative. He's 73 years old; l'âge de la retraite a depuis longtemps sonné!

I must say that I prefer Jacques to Nicolas Sarkozy, our probable next president. I feel like Sarkozy is as dangerous as Bush. In 98 when we were travelling the US, I remember having sayed that if Bush is the next US president, he will damage the peace of the world. Jacques is an old lion; he's not dangerous. Nicolas is dangerous, because he will make ami ami with the dangerous ones. Believe me.