samedi, juillet 01, 2006

Darger room

It's the third time that I see a Henry Darger exhibition. First time was in Atlanta, then in Berlin and now in Paris. The Paris retrospective is the best of the 3: it's huge, the display is perfect, very respectful, with excerpts of Darger's 15 000 pages story about the Vivian Girls. There is also a documentary from 2003 (in english only) which is compelling. Henry Darger has been a great inspiration for me. Years ago, I wrote a song called "Vivian Girl" to be released on my next album (Kumi Okamoto from the Konki Duet is singing). I have just wrote an other song called " Pretty Baby" about a pre-teen. Also, like Henry, like my friend Momus (his song "Lolitapop Dollhouse" for Kahimi Karie and all the fairy atmosphere of the beautiful mini LP "Journey to the center of me" he wrote for her), I'm fascinated by the 9/12 years old psyché of girls children, without knowing what it is exactly... Maybe it's because I was forced to wear long hair as a child and couldn't stand the fact of being called a girl, while liking it.

On the picture, you can see the Henry Darger room, 851 Webster Street in Chicago as it was when he died... Chicago is also the city of an other incredible painter and musician, Wesley Willis.