lundi, juin 05, 2006


Quemado, New Mexico.

New York, Athens (al), Austin (tx), Fredericksburg (tx), Big Bend (tx), Presidio (tx), Marfa (tx), White Sands (nm), Truth or Consequences (nm), Chloride (nm), Saint John's (az), the petrified forest site (az), Tucson (az), Las Vegas (nv), San Diego (ca), Los Angeles (ca), Salt Lake City (ut), Wendover (ut), New York.

Thanks to all the friends (Joseph and Alton, Karin, Jen-Marie, Momus, Carolina and Juan) and people who made this trip a wonderful experience... Once we heard "you'll see a lot of nothing" and it was right: in 3000 miles, we saw a lot of nothing, but this nothing was stuffed with a voice from the everything.