mardi, juin 27, 2006


In 1993, when Marseille won the EU football cup, we went down to La Canebière to see the human tide... Marseille is a city of football, of muscles, of boobs and blood. We could hear the girls having (or faking) sexual pleasure from our appartment, this is how they signified to the man that he was a real one. We could listen to the football match development the same way, windows open. Now, the south seems to have reached Paris: every football action in the tonight match is followed by a huge rumour coming from everywhere. It sounds like a displaced reaction. So many people seem to have converted to football recently. Why? My feeling is that more and more people reject intelligence and culture and choose to go back to the circus maximus. This was my research in litterature at the Aix en Provence university in 94: humans going back to previous levels of civilization and they fail, because they are not owning the key anymore. On a gagné doesn't create reality, doesn't make a community. You're not making a nation by beast howlings. Prehistory didn't have football but already had some gods, already had the arts.

And probably some primitive football too... with the enemy's head.