lundi, juin 26, 2006


I spend time recording a song written in Marseille in 1993. It's a very simple song with the acoustic guitar. I cannot play the guitar very well... We moved to Marseille in 1991 and stayed there until september 1995. We lived 6, rue des convalescents and 13, rue mazagran, in the heart of quartier Belsunce. There is an excellent french rap song called Belsunce breakdown. People say that this area is changing; it was poor and warm, you could feel the poetry of the city everywhere. People were sitting outside to the sun. Rosting lamb heads were giving an eye to you while you passed by. You could have a delicious couscous for about 4 euros at the restaurant "Sur le Pouce". We loved Belsunce. I hope that Belsunce will escape the bobo fate that spreads like a disease in every big city of the world. Bye bye regular people, bye bye the artists, bye bye the soul, par ici la monnaie!