mardi, juin 20, 2006


I have edited one hour of Goto. It's a movie I really wanted to see, so I made it. All the actors are amateurs because I don't like to work with professionals: the cactus are amateurs, the cities are amateurs, the people are amateurs, the food is amateur, the weather is amateur, the drive is amateur, the life is amateur. I shot 12 tapes; too excited by the idea of editing the last tape on imovie, I dropped it and it broke. Now it is on the way to Beaulieu-Images, a former Super 8 french factory (I bought one Beaulieu years ago) who repairs video tapes, amongst other activities. It is a good transition from Super 8 to DV. In the early nineties I shot many Super 8 after having watched the Jonas Mekas films in Marseille (1993). Mekas was working with a portable Bolex 16, a very nice looking cam. You don't know the Jonas Mekas diaries? One of the most influential piece of art I have ever seen, something that will last forever.