jeudi, juin 22, 2006

I am working on the next Toog album. Goto will be a CD + DVD album. There is a new support called DAVD on which you can have the CD on one side and the DVD on the other. On the CD there will be songs like: are visages electric, my house, ébréché, la chambre noire, go to, alabama gay, plus songs taken from the book soundtrack: forfait, 52 jours pour Tombouctou, elle retire sa culotte. Most of the album is slow, dense, dark, low-fi, even if you sometimes have 70 tracks. How many copies of Goto will I sell? My first album "6633" sold environ 5000 copies worldwide, because we toured a lot with Momus and Kahimi Karie. The last one, "Lou étendue" with Asia Argento, only sold 1000 copies because there was no show. Conclusion: never release an album without live promotion.