lundi, avril 03, 2006


The bird Cagesan is really cute and he is a remarquable singer. If you're in France, he's called a Diamant de Bicheno; in the USA his name is owl finch or Bicheno finch. His favorite sound is the garbage truck. When it's passing down our windows, he's singing a true love song: the love song to the garbage truck. He is a real sound lover and sings over all sounds. One day, singing myself above the car noises in a Paris avenue, I thought that the bird and me we both sing when it's noisy because someone could hear our test-singing, and we are shy. But it's not true, the bird also sings when it's quiet. There's one only sound Cagesan cannot listen to: his own voice being played by a recorder. He has reached the ultimate stage, the one only few artists are seeking for: modesty.