jeudi, février 23, 2006

Today I was having a meeting in the 93 suburb, in a remote street, at the very end of a yard, an old red brick building, the red door to the left, the last floor. Meeting with a young producer and talking with him about an other documentary I would love to make. It's my second script, the first one is being circulating now in the french tv's. I don't know what will happen with it, the subject is fascinating but it's difficult for its politically uncorrectness. We cross fingers, the director, the producer and I... This red house was a strange place for a sudden and unexpected time trip. I was sent 20 years back in the late eighties, being a young and quite lost man selling appartments in Paris.

My ex-boss was the owner of this brick house, he was visiting his property. He had a triple huge belly and didn't remember me at first. It was strange for my ancient and almost forgotten life, to face my possible new life, all in a sudden...

I'm not stopping creating music, but music has never been my only activity. I'm a third-time musician, this is why I'm only getting the one-third success and money I would (maybe) get if it was different. It's not a choice to be split in pieces like this. The poet Max Jacob, who also was a painter, said that it is painful and hard to manage. It's probably more comfortable to have one only passion to work on. Things are going on more quickly. It takes 3 times more time. This is why I made Lou étendue in 2004, 3 years after my second album. The next one should be finished in 2007. I would like to go back on tour with this album. At the end, when I will die, if I die, who knows, I am sure that I won't be late anymore, I will be 3 hours too early.