vendredi, février 10, 2006

Some people tell me why don't you have your myspace space? I tell them that I have enough computering time in my life through music, writing and checking emails and websites. It's enough. And I don't like their use of the word friend. Friend is more than a link. Friend is always more but what is friend? Friend is the history of a friendship; friend has something to do with time...

A chronicle about my poetry (L'égalité des signes) by a cult french poetry publisher: Le Corridor Bleu

L'égalité des signes turning into politically correctness gives: l'égalité des chances.

The less you do, the more you're busy.

I'm a protestant, a puritan; this is why I am sexy.

In fact I would love to be on myspace, but I will never do it by myself. Que celui qui a des oreilles pour entendre...