vendredi, février 03, 2006

Sensei talking

The young poet Philippe Soupault was introduced to the young soldier André Breton by Guillaume Apollinaire, during WWI. It was during Apollinaire's wednesday gathering at café de Flore. They became close friends and decided to destroy l'ordre bourgeois de l'art, de la poésie, to destroy all, like the punks later did in 1977, with the help of Dada. They co-wrote Les Champs Magnétiques in 1920 (The Magnetic Fields), in the hôtel des Grands Hommes, Place du Panthéon and launched the movement. It's important to recall this, because what they created, surrealism, was an unconscious dream of a lyric poet. Apollinaire created the word surrealism itself, in 1917 (Les Mamelles de Tirésias, un drame surréaliste). Later, surrealism, the dream of a lyric poet, killed its father. I like to believe that Apollinaire is dead because of his disappointed love for Lou; then, dying, he met young gravediggers at café de Flore and asked them to bury Poetry with him. Poetry slowly disappeared from the western civilisation, becoming a private affair between poets. This story proves that Lou is non tantum responsible of the end of a poet sed etiam responsible of the end of poetry.

(For a better effect, you can read this article with a strong german accent, like Werner Herzog in his last movie.)