mardi, février 21, 2006


Dear american friend, yes, you should definitely come to Paris, make love to your lover in a hotel room (expensive), then, crossing the bridges above the river Seine, walking in the beautiful streets of the 6th arrondissement, seeing the beautiful decor we live in, you should express over and over your real sentiments... This is what this place is made for. It's good to dream about France, about Paris. But remember: France is old. And probably, your love has something which is kind of old in it; maybe the way you love, or the way you make love. If your love was a post-modernist love, you'd have choosen Jakarta, Shangaï or Alger as a love place. But you chose Paris, because you're an incorrigible romantique, even if you know you'd better fight against this tendency. And do you know what? You're the last romantic in Paris... So you should definitely come.


French electonic pioneer Jean-Jacques Perrey's (76 years old) doing the cover of feb 2006 issue of cult german genial electronic music magazine DE:BUG, after his lecture/concert in Berlin.