jeudi, octobre 06, 2005


Paris is so polluted tonight that breathing almost hurts. But it's not everyday that I get money from the french author society (sacem) so tonight I spent 6,234685% of it buying CD's that I missed in the past.

Money Mark (mark's keyboard repair)
Perrey-Kingsley (The complete Vanguard recordings; 4 lp's)
Raymond Scott (2CD's + 144 pages book)
Felix Kubin (matki wandalki)
The stranglers (peaches, the very best of)
Kraftwerk (the man machine)
Anne Laplantine (dicipline)

Then I went to see a not very good movie called 'Paradise Now'. Not very good, since it's a media film, a film made through (and by) the media eye, for the media eye. And the media eye is not people's eye. Near my house there is a jewish restaurant in which the boss is a tall and extra large man. One night I came in and he wasn't there. I asked the cook in the kitchen to cook something for me and he said he couldn't; he had to wait for the boss to be back and do the jewish benediction on the tools. He was a muslim and I was happy to see that jewish and muslims also work together when they don't fight.