jeudi, août 25, 2005


During the holidays I was working in a marble quarry near Orosei (Sardenia). Very hard work, but I really want to find the best marble for my statue. This is why I gave a hand, opening a new quarry in the mountain side. Sorry for the damage... On the next picture you can see the marble block that will be used for the pedestal, with the Mediterranean sea behind. We haven't choosen the location for the statue yet, but a few big cities are competing right now.

Les mauvaises langues disent que les villages en question se battent pour récupérer le marbre, ce qui est impensable.marble

sunglasses H&M
pantacourt H&M
tongs havaianas
underwear jil
necklace sardenian handcraft (Dorgali)

Message to the sculptor: don't be mistaken about the belly; it's temporary swelled because of too much pasta/pizza/ichnusa beer.