vendredi, juin 03, 2005


To build a winter sport center in this grandiose and empty lanscape was a very long and hard work, involving thousands of people, from architects, farmers, builders, to geologists. It was hard to convince the country council that they should grasp this opportunity because it would make a huge amount of taxes every year, and forever. The project went slowly on after many votes and even more indetermination.
Ski-tows were planted everywhere, a new architectural concept of lodges (made of glasstic, a revolutionary material between plastic and glass) was experimented.
After 2 years, the ski complex was completely finished. The launching took place two days before christmas. The weather wasn't good at all but the first customers were offered a glass of Champagne plus one day free skiing. The officials watched them vanishing in the freezing fog... After a while one first man came back and asked ingenuously an architect where were the slopes. The architect answered: "what slope? There has never been any slope here."