jeudi, mai 12, 2005


This nice mag was in every guitar shop near my house. Best and Rock & Folk used to be the 2 only french music mags when I was a teenager. In this yellow canard you have a new map of Paris sur Rock, with many cute and trendy rocks bands from now.
The spirit of rock exists. Where there is a danger, there is a chance to find rock. All these bands know exactly the attitude, they have the musical background, but are they rock? Do rock put them in danger? Do they run a danger playing rock?
I feel like playing rock in France is like drinking californian red wine: it works, but it also tastes of fake. This is why I had never and would never play rock français. Marking out my own humble musical history, far from les sentiers battus du rock and other caricatures (like french chanson). It's the price to pay for being french.