samedi, mai 28, 2005


I. It is really hard to find slippers in Paris right now.
II. I have finished a song which sounded new but now it sounds already old (it was 2 days ago).
III. I still want to see:

- an exhibition with the worst play on words on shop signs.
- an exhibition with photos of vaisselle ébréchée.

IV. To drink beer doesn't make indie pop girls look sexy. I don't like girls with tires even if the tire is a bicycle one... Sport is not for the bicycle, sport is for the people who ride the bicycle.

V. Karaoke Kalk in france

sat. 06.25.2005 paris - point éphémère
toog. live
hauschka. live
digiki. dj
strobocop. dj


VI. a poem

Peu de dentistes sur les vases grecs.