lundi, avril 18, 2005


Near the Galeries Lafayette, near Laetitia Casta's portrait, 500 steps from my studio, there's a hotel (76 rue de Provence) where the french government rents cheap rates rooms to gather african families, immigrates waiting for a visa. They have no kitchen and they are not allowed to cook, even when they have children, even when they must stay there for months. This hotel was totally burned out a few nights ago. More than 22 people died. Many single mothers with children.
The hotel faces a grand magasin that makes tons of money in an area that makes tons of tons of money in a country that makes tons of tons of tons of money and is not able to build houses for them. More than 10000 people live in the same conditions. Our very smart and sensitive mayor said: "now these people who survived deserve a visa". These people died because they were on waiting lists. Now I guess that they have found a better place to live, without filling any form, a place to live with no waiting list. This land is full of hope (thanks God, I am a VIP).