mardi, avril 12, 2005


I was born again musikanter in a time of grisaille générale (see the cover of faith by the Cure). Which also was a time of beautiful melodies. There is a Momus theory about the grey: when it's raining outside, you stay home and you work. This is why we do have so many exceptional pop music coming from Britain.

These two tracks by the Stranglers still sound beautiful to my ears. The Stranglers were probably my biggest musical impression, especially for their wunderbar melodies.

A very funny quote about the next Sofia Coppola's movie and "Air", a local band (from Versailles): "Air collabore à nouveau avec Sofia Coppola. Sofia Coppola, qui tourne actuellement "Marie-Antoinette" à Versailles, a choisi un groupe local pour signer la BO de son prochain film : Air, qui avait déjà collaboré avec la cinéaste sur ses deux premiers films, Virgin Suicides et Lost in Translation."