mardi, mars 08, 2005

stacked churches

The old man rue du Roule near Les Halles wanted to sell us his old bar. 30 years from 8 am to 12 pm: he feels tired et je peux le comprendre. But I told him the area will have a long sleep when they will start to rebuild the quartier des Halles. The Tokyo exhibition at La Samaritaine is a foutage de gueule. Next to it, we love this small pet shop called Oisellerie du Pont-Neuf, 18 quai Mégisserie. They have quantities of small fishes, wunderbar. Many birds, but only the kawai sort of birds: the singing of the amadine perlée who came to the closest perch to sing us a beautiful song. The parrots are free and one of them kept attacking the others. A bum bought a rat for 12 euros he put it on his shoulders and the rat already felt home. I went alone along the river Seine and spoke with a worker who told me that the river is almost clean; he saw perches near Paris, in Colombes. I went two times to swim in the river and NO spots: it's cleaner than the river Gange. Place Vendôme: I stayed there for a while since the night was coming and it was possible to watch inside the offices and appartments. I saw a secretary who took of her shirt and changed clothes. Going back to my place I saw a man stealing a whole bucket of tulips in front of a flower shop. This robbery was poetic, it wasn't blamable. Rue Laffite: there's always this strange view when it's dark of two stacked churches: Notre Dame de Lorette and Montmartre.