lundi, mars 28, 2005


I had my first contact with adult sexuality through pornography when I was a child, 11 or 12 years old. We had a neighbour who was a porn addict. He kept his doors open. He offered us to read and watch some porno books and magazines. Hopefully he wasn't into real pedophilia.
When we became teenagers, we only had to sneak into his house when he wasn't in, and steal all the porno mags we wanted. Huge stocks everywhere, it was about to fall from the top of the cupboards. But why stealing? The porno house was open all the time; it also was full of banknotes and coins lying around on the floor, under the tables. Sex and money everywhere...
When I was 15, my neighbour offered me and my best friend Stéphane to loose our pucelage with his girlfriend. She was very pretty, only 2 years elder than me. I was watching her secretly from my balcony, when she was lying naked in the summer, sous le soleil exactement. We drew lots and I won. This was a generous and naive gift: the neighbour lost his girlfriend.
Now the same man talks to the birds in the street. And my friend who lost at the sex-game, commited suicide. Nevertheless, madness and death have nothing to do with sexuality; but sexuality has a time, its own time, and adult people should respect this.

The image was stolen from John B. Root's blog.