lundi, mars 14, 2005


"Deliverance" is a John Boorman movie from 1972 with Burt Reynolds. Like Aguirre (1972), we see men (4 men with no women) going down a river and encountering the savageness of the wild. On the bridge you can see the retarded kid who played the banjo to the future victims... It's the beginning of the movie.

In 1994 I graduated in Aix en Provence (master's degree in litterature) after having written a short essay called "L'échec originel" based on (amongst others) The Lord of the flies by W. Golding, in french, of course. My subject was: what happens when civilized people are left alone in the wild? Do they keep the rules or are they overwhelmed by the wilderness that surrounds them? Boorman answers to the same question, Herzog also answers this question.