vendredi, mars 11, 2005

Jeanne Mas

Coming back to la maison de l'enfance as it was a moor, the only friend to make was a huge Lowrey organ in the living room. This was mes années new wave and we could still hear the last echoes of Punk (Cräsh in Fribourg Germany). Totentanz in Basel, Schwitzerland was the best venue/club for new wave kids like us. White tiles everywhere. I was wearing woman pants, listening to Magazine and Gary Numan; my elder brother was into Malcolm Mac Laren and Grace Jones; other friends listened to Echo and the Bunnymen and The Cure. My brother organized rock concerts and festivals, Gun Club in Mulhouse, Stray Cats in Strasbourg with his associate, who later became Patricia Kass découvreur/manager. After having lost money and destroyed (sorry it wasn't him) a beautiful venue, my brother went back to jewelry. I was a barman in his shows. I must confess that I gave a free beer once, since this ugly punk was pointing a true knife at me. Then Jeanne Mas came and she sang toute première fois, dressed as a new wave idol. This really was the end...

In wolof (Sénégal), toog means "to sit down".